New SOTBMusic: @SpeedontheBeat Drops Another Loosie in SSS2

About a week ago, I dropped “For Her” (b/k/a “Se Roquel 2”) and the response was a bit “eh it’s aight.” Maybe I shouldn’t have dropped it around the same time as KOD. Maybe I should’ve thought a bit more about taking creative liberties with my girl’s name and whatnot. Heck, to return from a hiatus, maybe I should’ve selected a harder song. In any case, “eh, it’s aight” ain’t good enough for me; it kind of hurts. So, I’ve stepped back from love songs and went back to the bars. That’s how we arrived at today’s new SOTB track.

SSS2 by Speed on the Beat

“SSS2” is the sequel to Mama Young’s Son‘s “Shining Finger Sh*t.” Rather, it’s an expansion of that song, featuring a brand-new verse from yours truly and a lot more of the same energy listeners have come to expect from SOTB. By the power of Kyoji, I believe I’ve dropped something that’ll get people hyped for a possible new album and the like. “SSS2” also spells out some DAR mantras. If you’re looking for SOTBMusic that ties back into DARMusic, this is the one. As much as I love her, I think that “SSS2” is probably the comeback people want/need from me versus “Se Roquel 2.”

Check it out above and remember to support dope music in all its forms.

Speed on the Beat

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