New SOTBMusic: D2X Wants to Enjoy Life on New EP

I’ve got to give a huge shoutout to Julie Stevens of for hitting my inbox with this one. If you’re looking for underrated Midwest artists, she definitely has her ear to the pavement. This project is no different.

Described as “Chicago’s finest wordsmith,” D2X‘s Enjoy Life EP does not disappoint. It starts out hard, with a boombap-heavy introduction to what we should expect from the project and delivers on that throughout. It’s a heavy collection of tracks that showcase what life’s like for the young man. He’s enjoying things that come his way, but knows that some of these pleasures are fleeting.

Enjoy Life is an intricate listen, because for every head-nodding boombap track, there’s a high-energy vibe to complement it and make the project more complete. Exclusively executive produced by Glohan Beats, the six-track EP is bountiful in moments. Additionally–and thankfully–Enjoy Life doesn’t fall to the trappings of some other projects of this length, as it’s complex and complete. He’s coming more and more into his own (Julie didn’t lie in her discussion of this one). There’s a growth in this one that you couldn’t have seen, unless you’ve seen other works of his. However, it’s not an exclusive growth, as it’s just one of a man who’s coming into his own and wants to enjoy things.

Check out the project below and remember to support dope music in all its forms.

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