New SOTBMusic: Eyedeal Bayano Drops an Around the Way Anthem

As is the case with a lot of UMD-matured rappers over the years, Eyedeal Bayano and I kind of have a history. Kind of.

From performing at Juke Joints together (not actually together, but on the same “bill”) to having random “beefs,” our musical endeavors have intertwined at a few points. But, truth be told, aside from entering into UMD at the same time and dealing with some of the same stupidity at UMD, we didn’t cross each other’s paths that often like, say, I did with Wayne Watts or Ikey. With all that said, I’ve always still kept an ear out for his music (yes, even during those “beef” times). The brother had a swagger about him that was cool and, most of the time, un-bothered. Plus, and more importantly, he had bars, also a common thread among UMD-matured rappers, during that time and beyond. I could go on for days about my experiences as an UMD-matured rapper, but that’s for another time.

A few days back, Bayano dropped a summer vibe with “Around the Way Anthem,” a track that celebrates his heritage and his Maryland (both the state and University of) background. I LOVED the visuals, and the lyrics are very vivid as well. Overall, it’s fair to call this one a “UMD ‘Summertime,'” but it’s so much more than that. For example, Bayano goes into the chip he’s had placed on his shoulder because he’s resided in Montgomery County for a time. It’s something that every county resident has dealt with if they exude even the smallest amount of non-county bravado. Hell, I was born and raised in Baltimore and I still get people saying I’m not “city enough.” It’s weird.

Again, the song delves into a lot of different areas over an instrumental that reminds me of “Dear Summer.” Enough of me hyping this joint up, though. Check it out yourselves and remember to support dope music in all its forms.

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