New SOTBMusic: J.I.D. Discusses Darkness While Downing 151 Rum

I’ve been on the J.I.D. hype train for a minute, and I still believe that The Never Story was one of the most impressive debuts I’ve heard in a while. That said, he’s back, prepping for a new album and we’ve been given the latest scoop on the project. All I can say is “sheesh.”

“151 Rum” feels very Kendrick-esque in its design, like GKMC Kendrick more than “All The Stars” Kendrick. J.I.D.’s talking about the dangers of his city and street life–and the fact that he’s seen life on both sides of the fence. However, what makes this stand out from countless other tracks that have followed parts of that archetype is that it’s even more menacing than a lot of Kendrick’s stuff from that era, down to the beat that thumps you in the chest repeatedly until you’re begging for mercy. Then, you get bars on top of that and it’s just like a KO of epic proportions, something like getting blunted and drinking 151 (from what I remember, all sorts of stuff comes out of the woodwork when that goes down).

Check on “151 Rum” below, get drunk off the wordplay, and support dope music in all its forms.

Speed on the Beat

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