SOTBMusic: Catching Up With True God, Part Two

In part one of our interview, True God and I discussed the possibility of Eyes on the Ring 2, the wrestling business, and his upcoming collaboration with Shokus Apollo, Less Is More. Today, we’re going to keep the same energy while also talking family, life, “stan culture,” and Kanye West.

Speed: Alright, switching gears a bit. Are you thinking about family more that you’re getting older, specifically starting one of your own and fixing everything around you?

True: It’s hard, man. There were a lot of commitment and trust issues for me after the way that situation turned out. I know things will fix themselves. It’s always this “start and stop” thing that bothers me. I absolutely want to get that fixed, but it’s tough. That affected me in the sense of dating and getting down. But now? There’s a breakthrough.

I really do want to start a family. I feel I failed at that with the mother of my child and I take responsibility for messing up what should’ve been much different. But, I’m like five years removed from all that drama and I definitely feel like love and settling down is in the cards. I want two more children. I do want to settle down. Marriage doesn’t seem or sound so bad to me now. Years ago, I wasn’t ready. Maybe I was blocking my blessings, but when you’re ready, you’re ready.

I’m ready now. I’m not exactly where I want to be, professionally, but that’s what I’m working on. However, I am ready. I believe I can make the commitment and be faithful. I’ve had a fun run and made my mistakes. The worst thing for me would have been to jump into a situation I wasn’t ready for and try and force it. This last year changed a lot for me. Sometimes, being so distant and guarded, you forget how amazing love can be. I needed that reminder because it was pretty empty these last few years.

Speed: Love is beautiful.

True: It’s always beautiful. I rap about love every album to some extent. I just wasn’t ready. Life is a process. A dope woman can open your eyes, even if you two don’t end up together. That reminder was important.

Speed: How has the journey been to find “the one” been going these days? Are we going to hear more songs about that aspect of your life?

True: That journey has been interesting. What some may not know is that I was involved in a situation from, like, 2015 through 2017. It was unique. It wasn’t a relationship and it wasn’t a situation where we’re that close. That was preparation for just getting used to everyday communication with a woman. That was an experience in itself, but a great lesson. Now, the last year? Well…I’m not in love, but I love this woman I’ve spent time around.

It’s just not the right person or situation.

That actually resonates, too. I care about this woman, we have our fun together, and we enjoy each other’s company. But, we know it’s not the right thing. That feeling of everyday communication, though, having someone you’re that close to? To know their patterns, what they think before they say it, it’s something I hadn’t seen in a while.

Being involved in this glorified friendship/relationship changed my perspective on a lot. I’d shut myself off for so long that I couldn’t foresee a breakthrough where I’d be comfortable taking trips, being comfortable, doing normal relationship and date shit. It was a journey to make it beyond that point because I wasn’t really interested in building romantic bonds. Sex was there and always will be there. But, the desire for more, something substantial in terms of connection, grew out of this situation.

We both are taking something from the situation. For me, that’s a peaceful place to be.

Speed: How’s Mama True doing?

True: My mother is pretty good, man. She’s healthy for the most part and is always filled with joy, despite her situation. She’s a blessing to have because, though all my hardships and issues, she’s been my strength. I know much much of a blessing it is to have her and I plan to do my best to make sure she is always good. That’s top two things of importance to me right next to Z being good no matter what the situation is.

Speed: I always see the IG posts of you two and they always make me smile because, well, you know how close I was to Mama Young. So, I’m glad you’re still able to have that time and those moments with your mom. Now, let’s talk sports. Who do you have wining the Super Bowl?

True: Truthfully, I don’t know. Logically, the Saints. Who do I want to win? Probably the Rams or the Chiefs. I’d like to see a Rams/Chiefs Super Bowl. It’d be an entertaining game with young stars carrying the offense. I have no desire to see Brady or Brees in the Bowl. If I had to make a logical choice, I’d say Saints/Patriots as the most-standard option. But I want Rams/Chiefs.

Speed: Mahomes gets my vote, especially since the Ravens are out and it’s always a middle finger up for Tom Brady on this side. How about the NBA? Stats Twitter is going wild with the Warriors not dominating as they have in past years.

True: You know what’s funny? The Warriors are the highest-ranked offense in the NBA, they lead the league in assists and blocks, and they’re number two in the West after having a ton of injuries. Somehow, though, people think they’re not winning. I see the Celtics versus the Warriors, with Raptors/Warriors being an alternative. For the most part, though, I see a three-peat. I mean, the Warriors are getting Boogie back in a few weeks and that changes the dynamic completely. So, Warriors versus the Celtics and Warriors in 5 or 6.

Besides, Stats Twitter and NBA Twitter know little about the game. And go Bulls! Tank season!

Speed: Wizards right along with you there, especially after Wall got injured. And Sports Twitter is a vacuum of idiocy most of the time. Either they’re complete trolls or complete idiots who don’t know the game besides playing 2K. There’s usually no real middle ground.

True: You’ll never find a middle ground on Twitter anyways. And I wouldn’t say that the Wizards are completely doomed. Remember “Everybody Eats” from last year? They could do it again this year.

Speed: So, what? You think Wall’s holding them back?

True: Settle down, Stephen A. Smith–

Speed: Never that–

True: I do think there’s a personality clash on the team and a real lack of chemistry. Wall has a big contract to be the leader of the team and I think that’s led to the stagnant offense we see from the Wizards. He’s their playmaker and not too many others can make the plays that they need. However, when Wall is off the floor, the team moves the ball better, to me, because he isn’t controlling their offensive pace. So, not holding them back, per se, but he does limit them offensively–as much as he aids defensively.

However, Rosebar Wall is sort of an issue. D.C. clubs aren’t even that damn fun to be in every weekend.

Speed: Factual. Every once in a while is cool. We all need to blow off steam. But, as much as he goes? I don’t know, seems like a problem. But, it’s his money and he’s not over here, in D.C., saying “yo Speed bruh, here’s some cash for your troubles.” So, I kind of don’t give a damn either way, like some of these folks do.

Celebrity worship and cancel culture are at all-time highs, though. I’m surprised no one’s dug up some of our old tweets yet to bring us down.

True: It’s pretty stupid, that’s kind of my whole thought on the shit. People need to get lives. There’s a lot more I could say, but people are so delusional and sensitive, they find themselves more detached from reality than anything. It’s silly, man. Focus on you and yours. Now, celebrity worship is at its weirdest point to me. I was lost the first time I saw someone go in depth about “stan culture.”

Speed: The closest thing you’ll get to me “stanning” is buying everything Big K.R.I.T. puts out.

True: But, that’s the thing. Appreciating art is one thing. Feeling like a celebrity–or anyone for that matter–is incapable of doing wrong is dangerous. People need help, man. All of these stans irk the hell out of me. Sports stans are horrible, music stans are worse, and these Kardashian stans are psychos. It’s all bad, man.

Speed: Just turrible. So, speaking on stan culture and the like, do you feel Kanye is trolling us or do you think he’s really “lost” now?

True: Kanye was mostly always lost to me. I don’t know, man. He was never someone who seemed all that self-aware, outside of recognizing his own genius. Even that was aided and assisted by a number of helpers and ghostwriters. I can’t say he’s lost or trolling, this was always him. Like, look at his interviews from 2004 and beyond. He’s always been going on tangents. He just talks and talks shit and that’s pretty much all he does.

Speed: Kind of hitting the nail on the head. It’s gotten a lot worse since his mother died. But, he’s always been kinda unable to truly know himself.

True: But, I mean, you’ve got to be comfortable in your own skin to an extent to be so openly…delusional.

Speed: And you can’t put it all on his mental illness, either. There are plenty of folks out here who deal with mental health issues who aren’t doing the things he does or saying the things he’s saying. There are folks who are, but it honestly looks like a cop out.

That’s like saying “oh, so-and-so was assaulted as a child, so they’re automatically going to grow up to groom young people and be a child molester or a generally horrible person.” People always want an excuse or a justification for horrible behavior. Not putting Kanye saying “MAGA. Slavery was a choice” on the same level as you-know-who, but defenders of both constantly try to explain away the choices made. Everyone is their own case, but you can’t just make blanket assumptions or cop outs.

True: There’s always more to it than just mental illness.

Speed: Agreed. So, is becoming more of a one-man show again or are you still looking for writers?

True: Truthfully, the site is on hiatus at the moment. Why? Well, it became a one-man show and it wasn’t intended to be this way. But, finding consistent writers is tough. Honestly, most people don’t have the passion. I’m gearing up for a reboot in February, but I just needed a break. As you know, this shit is time-consuming.

Speed: Oh, I definitely know. So, last question. Do you have any parting words for the readers, fans, foes, and so on?

True: I have no regrets. Whatever I want to do is coming in due time. I just have to create that opportunity and I will. And for the fans and readers? Just stay tuned and keep supporting. My foes get no words.

Stay tuned for part three of our conversation where True and I discuss strip clubs, swingers, the DAR discography, and more.

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