New SOTBMusic: EverythingOShauN Debates The Relationship Life in "Lowry" Visuals

In this world, contrary to belief, quite a few things are certain. One of these things is the age-old debate between playing the field and settling down. We’ve all had it and, depending on our mood/situation (while we’re single), we may sway to either side. Sometimes, you just want to see the world. Sometimes, you just want to find that special person who you feel like God (or your appropriate deity) made just for you to find and prosper with.

EverythingOShauN’s latest song and visuals, “Lowry,” juxtapose a lot of imagery to discuss this question.

However, instead of finding the answer laid out for us, we’re given a bit of a cliffhanger with OShauN and his runaway bride. Within the visuals, our heroine switches from a wedding dress to lingerie, while OShauN–seemingly focused on figuring out his dilemma–stays put, opting to drive through a sleepy town with his bride in tow, speaking about the complexities of the relationship life (and even striving for the relationship life). Check out the visuals below, be on the lookout for EverythingOShauN’s new project, Everything Over Everything Else, and remember to support dope music in all its forms.

Speed on the Beat

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