New SOTBMusic: JUDAH Goes Searching for Mr. West

JUDAH takes on the daunting task of finding the “Real Kanye” on his latest project, Searching for Mr. West. While some, myself included at times, feel that it may be too late for Yeezy, JUDAH made it his mission to try to talk some sense into Ye the only way he may be reached: dope music, bars on bars on bars, and soulful instrumentation. The nine-track gospel features the DMV-born-and-bred producer recruiting talent to look for a piece of Kanye’s soul to hold onto in the days of Kanye saying slavery was a choice. Each track takes listeners to the purifying waters and aims to bring Kanye from the proverbial Sunken Place. Will they break through to Kanye or will he be lost in the wave of trying to make America “great” again? Check out the project below to find out and remember to support dope music in all its forms.

Speed on the Beat

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