New SOTBMusic: True God Drops "Nowhere To Go/Be Kind Rewind" Visuals

Brother True God dropped his latest visuals for “Nowhere To Go” today and they really make you think. The video starts off traditional enough, with True and DAR brother Shokus Apollo in front of various Baltimore landmarks rapping along to the song. Then, out of nowhere, visuals get spliced in showing some of the tragedies in the city. Scenes of empty bottles and the less-fortunate undercut what feels like a reunion between brothers. To me, this showcases that Baltimore, and our world, is in dire shape (and how we often ignore issues that directly have an effect on us for hot topics and hot takes). No one’s saying don’t support those who need it, but we’ve got to take care of ourselves while we’re at it.

True mentioned to me that there were scenes cut from the visuals that would’ve further highlighted some of society’s erroneous ways. However, I like that some things were left up to the imagination, as it  lets the listener/viewer fill in the blanks where visuals aren’t. Check out the visuals and the video’s parent project, The Miserable Beauty Vol. 3, and remember to support dope music in all its forms.

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