SOTBMusic: Just Plain Jones Channels Gil-Scott Heron on "Find Your Peace"

I’ve followed Just Plain Jones for the better part of the past decade, back when he dropped his mixtape Freshman 15. It’s amazing to see an artist’s growth over a long period of time, and Jones’ latest project Foie Gras is definitely impressive considering Jones, while always a sound artist, came from just dropping bars over a looped Adele sample. I want to talk a bit about the first track on the project, “Find Your Peace.”

As the title of this post suggest, I heard distinct GSH vibes on this track, down to the haunting-yet-comforting vocals Jones employs on the bridge and the chorus. It’s a beautiful track that begs you to search your soul and keep moving even in the face of adversity. Jones talks about being the only Black man in a job (something I can sometimes relate to) when a police-involved shooting ended another young Black man’s life. Some people can’t relate to that on such a raw level if they’ve never experienced the factors leading up to it. Check out “Find Your Peace” and the parent project and remember to support dope music in all its forms.

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