SOTBNerdy: Let’s Talk Roman Reigns (Again)

I still enjoy professional wrestling from time to time. I still catch the occasional WWE event (though I haven’t been enthralled by one in a while), the occasional IMPACT, ROH or MLW show, and I’m looking forward to what AEW puts out. I don’t watch as much as I used to, but I still keep up with it all. It’s like most shows these days. I’m not an avid fan, but I’m still curious as to how they’ll end.

With that in mind, one of the reasons I shy away from WWE is because Roman Reigns does nothing for me as is.

Now don’t get me wrong. Dude is a great dad, tries his damnedest to do right by his wrestling forefathers, and he’s jacked (if that’s a qualifier for you). His hustle, loyalty, and respect are to be lauded. However, seeing him go out and do the Uberman thing–before and after the whole cancer situation–isn’t exactly the makings of must-see TV. Yes, WWE has a lot wrong with it. Like, a lot. Its reliance on old stars, Vince McMahon’s need to have his hand in every little detail, their penchant for running good things into the ground because money, and the glut of talent they have just sitting there twiddling their thumbs. Those are things just off the top of my head.

These are all things that aren’t Roman Reigns’ fault. He’s legitimately one dude. Blaming him for every failure and mishap that has befallen WWE over the past six-to-eight years is ridiculous. WWE being mid is not his fault alone. He can’t be blamed for Goldberg versus Undertaker taking place like two decades too late. He can’t be blamed for Brock Lesnar being an overused badass (how that’s possible when he’s rarely there is another story for another day). He can’t be blamed for some fans being fickle (people turning on Becky Lynch and Kofi Kingston, for instance). He can’t be blamed for WWE misusing Asuka and Kairi Sane on the main roster.

He can only be blamed for his actions/storylines and his alone. Dude still wearing the Shield vest like a decade later? That’s on him. WWE possibly killing some of The New Bray Wyatt’s buzz? Not on him. Got it? Good.

That said, he’s miscast as the Superman babyface, cool look or not. He’d also be miscast as the smug jackass heel. For me, he’d work best as a tweener. And for the love of God, I don’t mean I don’t want him to be Samoan Stone Cold. I’ve seen enough Stone Cold-esque storylines these past couple years. If I never see a face have to rise up against authority figures ever again, I would be ecstatic and watch more wrestling. That storyline is overdone and unneeded–especially in an era where social media exists and organizations laud their nonprofit work.

Back to Roman, he could work better if he was more like his cousin. I think his name is Dwayne or something. He was in some car movie, I think. This is something I’ve said for years. Roman Reigns has charisma, even if he can’t exactly pull off the extremes Vince McMahon continuously wants him to. That doesn’t mean he couldn’t be more accepted by the more vocal parts of the fan base if WWE would give the man more to work with. I don’t want him to go out there swearing and belittling everyone. I also don’t need to see him taking being crapped on by the audience with an “as long as they’re saying something” mindset. He shows glimpses into what could be before he’s reeled back in. Forget that! Let the man go full tilt. Let’s see where it goes.

Yes, he sells and he’s got “the look.” Kids like heroes. Captain America is cool. However, Deadpool is pretty cool, too, from what the movies and revenue tell me. Just don’t push the brother all the damn time and keep him away from forklifts, cars, succotash (I’ll never forget) and any other stupid crap. Whatever made WWE think this was a good idea escapes me, but it may rhyme with “mo’ plane” or “show train”…or “cocaine.”

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