SOTBMusic: Setea Talks About “Toxic” Energy on New Track

The NoVa region is a hotbed for talent and new music. I’ve had the chance to check out quite a few artists from the region. Today’s NoVa talent comes to by way of Quinelle Holder (who you may remember chopped it up with me some years ago as part of a writer roundtable, though he has been more of a publicist).

Setea’s energy–and desire to live free of toxicity–is the perfect “let’s bring back SOTB hard AF” energy I needed today (especially since WordPress can be a pain in the ass). The song in question, “Toxic,” is a rally-cry against ignorance and negativity. What drew me into the song was its Dej Loaf-esque attack on the subject. It was melodic, but also hard. Enlightened but still ready to bust you over the head with its desire to be free. As some of you know, Dej Loaf has been one of my favorite artists from that 2012-2015 era of hip-hop, so that’s praise of the highest form from me.

The NoVa creative–and first-generation Ethiopian artist– made a poignant debut on SOTBMusic. I hope she can keep it up because we all need to say goodbye to toxicity–especially in these days. Check out the song below via Spotify (or here via Apple Music) and remember to support dope music in all its forms.

Speed on the Beat

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