You May Notice Something Different Here…

Hi everyone. Speed on the Beat here.

You’re probably wondering “why is this site barren AF now?” or “what happened to” or “why does it look like The Snap obliterated this joint?”

Over the past twenty-four hours, I had an epiphany. I outgrew Blogger. I had all this dope content, but my set-up was still somewhat amateur. After finally acquiescing to Raquel, remembering what Justice from TheDemoTape told me, remember what Maurice Valentino and I talked about (mainly him asking “Speed, how can I get my name to appear as a writer?”) and speaking with Julie over at–I made the jump to WordPress. Happy days are here again.

What I failed to realize is that, in doing so, some of my posts wouldn’t have featured images. By some, of course, I mean approximately 99.999999% of them. The Blogger template spoiled me into not using actual images and moreso relying on generate YouTube images and linked images.

Damn my ignorance, amirite?

So instead of painstakingly going through every post and pulling an image (I don’t have the time or patience), I’m just starting over. I’m keeping the posts, as people need some SOTBMusic or what have you in their lives, but I’m starting over.

Consider this SOTB V3. V1 was the Blogspot era (2012-2013). V2 was the minimalist orange and black era (2014-2019). V3 is the era where I remember to use featured posts or else I have the site looking like a damn wasteland (2019-).

Welcome to the new and improved–yet again. I hope you enjoy. I’ll remember to use featured images for here on out.

Speed on the Beat

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