SOTBMusic: Donavon Has a BADMIND

I know that I’m late. This project actually came out in June, but personal things came up and I missed out on a bunch of great music during parts of this year. This ain’t about me, though. That’s what my albums are for.

It’s Donavon’s birthday, so I figured a good birthday present would be a write-up of his latest project BADMIND.

Simply put, it’s like what’d happen if you put The Weeknd in a room with Anderson .Paak and told them “okay, you’ve got to make music or a five-ton rock will turn you into artistic pancakes.” Literally writing and singing for their lives, the duo comes up with an EP that’s equal parts emotive, sexy and cocky, full of muted slow-jam vibes and questions about relationships.

That’s what BADMIND is, at least to these ears of mine.

Donavon’s pouring out his mind and soul on this one, discussing his desires to both be together with someone and be alone to do his thing. It’s a simple concept, but one that’s bolstered by Donavon’s voice and smoothness. Add that to a soundscape that places the listener into the smoky, possibly alcohol-stained world of Donavon’s predicament and you’ve got a great project. As mentioned, his voice allows a listener to feel every word he’s putting out into the world.

The New York singer has appeared on SOTB a few times before, but this one is a further evolution of his sound, songwriting, and ear for instrumentation. All I’ve got to say is “damn, man! You killed this joint.” Check it out below and remember to support dope music in all its forms.

Speed on the Beat

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