SOTBMusic: Chris Cassius Presents ‘PURPL6’

“You more like Static Shock, I’m more like Silkk the Shocker,” Chris Cassius raps on the intro to his PURPL6 project, a nine-track collection of old and new songs to close out the summer. The Baltimore native came to play ball on this project, as he effortlessly switches from scary hours to laidback lyrical assassin to an extended Three 6 reference.

On “SMS,” a standout track, things take a while to get going. Including the intro, the chorus doesn’t kick in until about 50 seconds in, though the beat kept me hyped. Chris and Micheal Taylor mauled the beat and left me with the chorus stuck in my head. The thing about Chris on this one is that he’s spitting. That’s, of course, not to say he doesn’t usually spit. However, what makes this different is how he spits. He does so while doing the punchy triplet flow, a punchy flow, and a more-traditional flow, changing between the two when appropriate and showcasing his diversity.

Tracks don’t overstay their welcome and leave you wanting more from him. “BOOG6YMAN” is an example of this, as the track clocks in at about 1:15. Even when tracks last your typical 2:30-4:00, Chris keeps you into the energy with his lyricism and ability. Check out the project above and remember to support dope music in all its forms. Bonus points for you if you’re from Baltimore and support Baltimore artists in all their forms.

Speed on the Beat

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