SOTBMusic: True God and Shokus Apollo Lobbed Me an Assist on “All The Best (Family Affair)”

No matter what happens, I am a father first and foremost. Because of that, I give my children the absolute best that I can, mentally, physically, emotionally, and so on. I sometimes stumble, but we all do. There is no one set “perfect father” model that we can all follow. We figure out what’s best for our children through trial and error and we continuously apply it to help them grow.

My children are my life. I may not always be the “perfect TV dad,” but I would do anything for those boys. When I began working on Baltimore Commercial Break 2, I wanted to also talk about my children more–since the album I dedicated to them, Papa Speed’s Boys, wasn’t my best project (in fact, it was mostly outtakes and leftovers from earlier sessions and albums).

The song “All the Best (Family Affair)” serves as the first single from BCB 2. It also serves as a song from True’s Lost Files 3 and a song on Apollo’s new album. I had to include True and Apollo on the song, since we are all fathers and have been through a lot as fathers. The song provides three different perspectives on fatherhood, all raw and honest. Check out the track on your favorite steaming service (I’d prefer Bandcamp since, you know, I get more coin that way) and remember to support dope music in all its forms.

Baltimore Commercial Break 2: The Return of Young Midoriya drops November 11, 2019.

Speed on the Beat

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