SOTBMusic: Verze Gets “Dollars from Russia” and Releases ‘Project 9’

You sometimes find the most support in the unlikeliest of places. Verze’s story has that element in spades. The Baltimore-area artist has been on his grind for a while (about a decade). However, things have really started to take off in the last few months and years. After inking a distribution deal with AWAL, Verze found himself pulling in millions of streams from a Russian social media site.

It’s a story that caught my attention. It reminded me of the approximately 200,000 streams I had on Songs For… via the now-defunct streaming site Rdio. At one point, my album was ranked higher than major releases, included a heavily-promoted Nelly album, M.O. Stories like this reaffirm that anything is possible. Now, let’s talk about Verze’s new project, Project 9.

The six-song project features what makes Verze an entertaining artist. He’s honest in his approach, his ear for beats is great, and his melodic rap still contains lyricism. We also get something we typically got get from Verze: vulnerability.

“Cold Hearted” displays this the best as the 20-something artist wishes for a better relationship. He knows he shouldn’t lay himself out there and just be a bit more reserved with the women he’s having relations with. However, he still wants more. That desire for more spills over into every facet of Verze’s life. There’s a bit of a lust for life in the bars we get here and it’s glorious. We get the realities of Baltimore-area life mixed in with the desire to make it out and keep it together.

Check out the project and remember to support dope music in all its forms. You never know where you’ll find your new favorite artist.

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