SOTBMusic: Brain Rapp Sips “Cappuccino” on New Track

Yesterday was National Coffee Day. And because of that, we got a new track from Brain Rapp. Brain’s been a very busy man. The coffee-loving rapper’s rapper has helmed several events, dropped a ton of new music (including an upcoming feature on Baltimore Commercial Break 2), and has some of the dopest cover art concepts I’ve seen. His blend of artpop, hip-hop and cold brew makes him an artist I shut up and listen to. Plus, as a fellow indie artist, I’ve had the pleasure of bouncing an idea or two off of him and getting to know him and his story over the years.

Brain’s latest, “Cappuccino,” is fun and concise. It’s perfectly balanced, like all things should be. Avengers references aside, the breezy track features Brain manning the boards and the bars with a spacey instrumental to flow to. It’s perfect for that late-afternoon cup of coffee (something I’ll probably grab right after I hit publish on this one). The only time he caps is with some cappuccino, that was something I felt in my soul–as a coffee drinker and someone who aims to not lie on anything. You can feel the fun and the individuality just drip from the track like a nice cup

Check it out below and remember to sip your coffee slow and support dope music in all its forms.

Speed on the Beat

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