SOTBMusic: JihaD Scorcese and Jason Griff Give Us the ‘Dream Team’ Album

I received an early copy of this project, but I wanted to submerge myself in it with the rest of you. That’s not to say I didn’t peep what was being put down before. I did catch some tracks on the early release, but I wanted to deliver my thoughts on it when it officially went live. Today marks the full-length release of JihaD Scorcese and Jason Griff’s Dream Team: A Stokely Hathaway Joint. Previously dreamed up as an EP, the rapper/producer duo took things to the next level. I respect that immensely, since that’s how some of my projects started. When you’ve got those creative juices flowing, let them spill into everything you can.

The 16-track album (fifteen if you don’t check out the Bandcamp version) takes listeners through a journey of lush production and lavish lyricism. Oh, and wrestling references. Tons of wrestling references. The references aren’t exactly beat-you-over-the-head simple, either, as the project shows Scorcese’s knowledge of the squared circle and what it takes to rock the mic right. Griff’s boombap-heavy production feels right at home, warm but still menacing when it needs to be. Guest features from artists such as Mr. Lif are sprinkled throughout the project to give it some diversity as well. For me, highlights of the project included “Flex Cabana” and “Bobby Heenan Dreams.”

While you may wonder “but whose side is he on” about many rappers, we can see Scorcese is clearly on the side of the fans. And he lets that be known throughout the project which is equal parts love letter to wrestling and lyrical exercise.

With AEW’s first TV taping on Wednesday, NXT (which Hathaway, now known as Malcolm Bivens, works on) being a prominent part of the landscape, and other federations making their mark, wrestling is in a good place. This new attitude may not have an “era” attached to it, but wrestling is at a point where there’s something for everyone now more than ever. So why not enjoy some of the fruits of our musical labor and celebrate a spectacle not many can match? Wrestlerap is always good for business, so check out Dream Team below and remember to support dope music in all its forms.

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