SOTBMusic: Let’s Talk “Super TV” featuring Brain Rapp

There comes a time in an artist’s life cycle that they get to do everything they wanted to do creatively and it clicks in a way that’s transcendent. As cliched as that sounds, Baltimore Commercial Break 2: The Return of Young Midoriya (otherwise known as Baltimore Commercial Break 2) is a moment like that for me. I’ve always done what I’ve wanted with music, using it as therapy when I needed, a motivating force for those around me when I wanted to help my fellow man, and a way to pour my creativity into a bottle without destroying the world.

Something, however, just hits different about the process for BCB2. “Super TV,” featuring Brain Rapp, is an example of this.

For starters, it features Brain, who’s an artist I’ve wanted to collaborate with since I first heard of him in the early 2010s. After meeting him at a Made in the DMV event back in 2014, it was cemented in my head that the Baltimore-area native was an artist I needed to collaborate with.

Like Mac Miller, he surpasses the whole race thing and just makes great music. He’s also an awesome spirit and a visionary. He’s carved a lane for himself with regards to being a literal coffeehouse rapper; the man has his own roast of coffee beans to go along with his latest project, Bloom (which you can read more about here). With that in mind, I could never get a track that I was satisfied to pass on to him. I’m the type of artist that won’t collaborate with someone unless everything connects, for me and for the other artist. It’s why, as much as I wanted more collaborators on BCB1, I only procured the services of Lex Rush.

In working on BCB2, I was in, mostly, a better headspace than I was on my other projects. I had an awesome job, I dealt with my mental health in a proactive way, and my kids have grown up nicely. It was time to reach out to many Baltimore-area artists and say “hey guys! I’m putting together an album. Would you like to link up?” To be completely honest, there were still some ideas that I wanted for BCB2 that I couldn’t get off the ground. For example, I originally had a track in mind for NellzGC, but I couldn’t finish it to my liking (I’ve got you in 2020).

“Super TV” went through several revisions as well. However, when I started the track off, just goofing off, with the line “I’m a Prozac-popping, coffee-drinking brother you know,” I knew that I needed a fellow coffee–and nostalgia–loving nostalgic rapper on it.

Enter Brain Rapp. I didn’t give him any instructions on where to go with his verse. He just heard my “I want to reach the youth through music and nostalgia” bars and ran with it. And then the cover, a throwback in its own right, just fell into place. Brain’s cover work is always a plus for his stuff, since it’s kitschy and retro, but also unique and clean. In fact, his cover work inspired the BCB2 cover: a family photo displayed on a TV/VCR combo similar to one I had during my early Baltimore days.

I won’t bore you with the rest of the details. All I ask is that you support dope music in all its forms and be on the lookout for BCB2 when it drops on 11/11/19.

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