New SOTBMusic: Brain Rapp is In ‘Bloom’ with Latest Album

Brain Rapp subtitled his latest release Bloom as being “a story of growth.” Over the course of the project, we are definitely given a growth–and keys to growth. By relating the path a flower takes to become beautiful and mature to the growth of an artist coming into their own (or just a person in general), Brain gives us a moving album about finding one’s space and happiness in a sea of discontent and ill intentions.

I previously discussed “Light” as part of that song’s official release, and while it still stands as a highlight on the album, it only tells a part of the story, as it’d be easy–not to mention slightly cliched–to just say that this album is full of flower power and leave it at that. No, what Bloom does is show its listeners a path to a brighter day through its use of flowers, as mentioned above. Giving a step-by-step routine for elevation, Brain gives us a unique playbook on how to live our best lives. Check out the project below and remember to support dope music in all its forms.

Speed on the Beat

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