SOTBMusic: 4kmicheal Introduces Listeners to His New Project with “TLC”

November 11 is a good day for dope music in all its forms. We’ll have all the stuff that dropped this weekend on our plates (or digesting in our ears, depending on how you take in new songs). We’ll have Baltimore Commercial Break 2 dropping in all its excellence (shameless plug). We’ll also have Baltimore’s 4kmicheal dropping his Forgive Me, I Am Alive project. This past Monday (November 4), he dropped “TLC” from the project.

The Matthias Young-produced song is a bop. That’s undeniable. It’s catchy and it’s very listenable. However, its strength lies in more than “oh this’ll knock in the car.” The production is energetic and 4k’s melodies drip swagger and vulnerability at the same time. Blended together in this manner, we get a track that’s unique in its approach to the “I’ve been around the world, let’s get it” energy the track exudes at times. On top of that, its catchy nature allows listeners to get smacked in the face with its realities while also bobbing their heads.

Check out the track above and remember to support dope music in all its forms.

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