SOTBMusic: C.Shreve the Professor Delivers More Maturation on GROWN

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Growth and evolution have been recurring themes in many of the projects I’ve covered on the site this year, including my own. If we don’t grow, we become stagnant, stalling our successes and blessings. Furthermore, when we stall in such a manner, we cannot provide the next generation with accurate life lessons. From Big K.R.I.T.’s album to Chris Cassius’ project, we’ve seen this theme take shape in various ways. To live is to grow and to grow is to live. Today, C.Shreve the Professor dropped his latest, GROWN, which provides another look into this theme.

I’ve covered a few tracks from this project over the summer and I was impressed enough to continue to wait for the project with bated breath. It also helps that Shreve never comes wack. The fourteen-track LP came together through Shreve just “trusting the creative process” and dealing with what comes from creativity. Each track tells its own story, acting as seeds for Shreve to cultivate and grow. This approach to maturation is akin to another project this year, Brain Rapp’s Bloom. Delivering life lessons such as venturing outside of comfort zones, Shreve acts as both a sage to the youth but also a young man still figuring out his own place in the world, musically and otherwise. We don’t stop growing or learning just because we hit a certain age or level. Shreve applies this logic to the entirety of GROWN and, through this, we get a great project.

Sonically, we see Shreve rhyming over several types of instrumentation. From mellow jazz-rap to high-energy beats, Shreve delivers on each song. From catching passes for Virginia Tech in the early 2000s to teaching, Shreve’s been a dude who’s put 100% into everything he does. Rap is no different, and we get his best because of this. Check out GROWN above and remember to support dope music in all its forms.

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