SOTBMusic: PARTYNEXTDOOR and Drake Collaborate on “Loyal”

I make it a point to avoid posting about most big-name artists every time someone drops. You can get that from other sites. However, that doesn’t mean I don’t listen to what’s hot on Spotify or the radio. PARTYNEXTDOOR dropped two tracks last night and they’re both a welcome (re)introduction to his sound. “The News” was markedly darker than its counterpart, which is also where he shines (sometimes, sad[people] gotta sad). That said, let’s talk a bit about his collaboration with Drake, “Loyal.”

“Loyal” keeps up the dancehall-esque energy we’ve gotten in quite a few mainstream tracks going. It’s definitely certain to get people dancing close with each other and enjoying Drake do Drake things. However, things get interesting if you listen to the lyrics while you enjoy the vibe. Both artists give us melancholy behind the party feeling; both artists want something more than what they usually get. Sure, the money and all is nice. But they both need that deeper connection with someone, that “star in [their] head,” as Drake sings. However, there’s a constant battle of sorts about how Drake and PND can be loyal to their roots and the woman they’re digging on.

It’s (somewhat) what you’d expect from a Drake/PND collaboration, since they complement each other well on songs. However, it’s nice to see PND back after a respite of sorts. Check out the track and remember to support dope music in all its forms.

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