SOTBMusic: Chris Cassius is “Russian/Rushin” on Latest Freestyle

When Chris Cassius said that he put the “Trump Tower” in a woman’s back and she asked why he was “rushin,” that was yet another bar the Baltimore native (and anime fan) gave us on his latest track. I couldn’t help but laugh at it and smirk.

“Russian/Rushin,” a freestyle video, clocks in at about 1:15. Despite its brevity, not a second is wasted. From the jump, Cassius hits us with punchlines and a calm, yet relentless, flow. It can lure a listener in because you may think to yourself “aight bet. This is a chill flow.” Then, Cassius gives said listener lyricism and everyone from the turn-up crowd to the “purists” end up satisfied, kind of like the various women Cassius raps about pleasuring.

A mix of “I’m dope as hell” lines, “I’ll beat your face like I beat the box” jabs, and a beat by Wavesondakeys, this is one track that I’m thankful for heading into the holiday. Check out the aptly purple visuals below and remember to support dope music in all its forms.

Speed on the Beat

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