SOTBMusic: Kar’s New Track, “Yield for Pedestrians,” is a Small Taste of Baltimore Hip-Hop

Baltimore’s Kar submitted this about a week or so ago. In the insanity of the past few weeks, I admittedly didn’t give it a listen. Legends dying and family matters can do that to you. Now that things have (thankfully) calmed down, let’s get into “Yield for Pedestrians.”

A short track that clocks in at about 1:30, “Yield” is menacing. From its beat to Kar’s harsh delivery, there’s nothing smoothed out or leveled on this one. The beat hits your eardrums and Kar’s jab-esque flow punches your face, delivering a one-two of dope shit. The track has that distinct Baltimore feel to it. However, it warps that style to give us something a bit more abrasive.

The signage Kar uses for his cover gives the track a bit of defiance, as if to say “even the most average of us can be great.” It also a clever, albeit on the nose, play on words based on Kar’s stage name. In Kar’s case, average isn’t exactly in his vocabulary on this track, even when subject matter revolves around money and women. Check out the song above via Odesli and remember to support dope music in all its forms.

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