3SIDE Throwback–Cptn. Swim’s and Max Goof’s ‘Color Palette EP’ as a Long-lasting Uncut Gem

I’m usually the type of music journalist and blogger to be on the ball like Allen Iverson rebounds whenever newest music drops. No matter what’s going on, I usually attempt to be on-time in letting the community know that good new-new, especially in regards to my favorite music group in the DMV area, 3SIDE, and even more so for a standout lyricist of the group, Max Goof. Ever since hearing HANDS and having him on my radio show in December 2017, I have been covering Goof’s music progression as he continues to become sharper and sharper.

As precise he is, his last collaborative EP from July 2019, Color Palette with Cptn. Swim is still an uncut musical gem in Goof’s discography and for the 3SIDE discography at large. Cptn. Swim is not excluded from this grand narrative of musical excellence, as their masterful crafts of instrumentals are the glue to Goof’s lyrical mosaics.

No Adam Sandler is present in this movie-like musical adventure of a soundtrack, nor guaranteed to be the prime factor in bringing a NBA superstar to victory (movie insider), but Color Palette delivers in a special way that has made it age well this past half-of-a year’s time, even well into the new decade in ways that are still lovingly rich. 


For the record, “Head similar to the vinyl spinning” is a damn good helluva bar to open with in terms of representing Max Goof’s style, capturing you like the exemplary essay opening sentence your grade school teacher tried to drill into you to write. Max Goof reestablishes himself in this opening track alone as the dark horse of the DMV–and not just 3SIDE–in terms of flow, attack and seamless wordplay. If the listener is able to disregard bias of his nerdy presentation and playful delivery, it is clear to see Goof’s drawl encapsulated in his raps is highly reminiscent of Lil Wayne’s rap delivery in the 2000s.

As off-tune as it might sound, the chorus has that unnecessary and unforgettable roughness in the same vein. Cptn. Swim delivers by making the beat smack heavy to hypnotize you as well. As much as I like Goof’s 1st verse, the 2nd verse speaking about sexual ‘tings with someone else’s woman makes me think he should change his moniker to Max GOON. The 3rd verse (rare in today’s rap atmosphere) helps solidify this opener as a great 4 minutes of straight bars.


The kid Max Goof is a rare ass dude. He goes from an eclectic strong intro to a video game, mystical and trippy beat (shout out Cptn. Swim) that is equally as sonically hypnotic. His hook shows how talented he is in making his own melodies. The ambiguity of Max Goof’s entire character becomes more convoluted through this song however–you don’t know if Goof is a wife-shagger, player, one-woman super romancer, or a combination of all three based on his lyrical content.

It’s really cool all-in-all of how he delivers. As much as I like to quote lyrics, sometimes I just sit back and enjoy the coolness of Goof effortlessly macking a mami up, talking straight about tossing her a couple stacks for sandals and purses; all with a 6-figure flow on this 2nd verse.


If it wasn’t for it coming out in late Summer 2019, “Deja Vu” might be considered for a Summer 2020 anthem. Even though his voice is noticeably drowned out by the instrumental in the beginning of the track, Goof does display his versatility in switching up his flow and being groovy with his bars in a 2010 Childish Gambino-esque.

“My favorite used to be an angel, but I’m still an asshole, bring out the halo.”

His harmony at the end shows his natural talent and affinity for music married in the best working way possible for the young artist. 


The beats may be eccentric when it comes to Cptn. Swim’s final products, but the track and bars are certified excellent. Take that as you will. “She a Boss” is a simple storytelling about a persevering lady. Max Goof is attracted to her because of her mind, body and just how she keeps it all together. Even when flexing his facetious wordplay, there’s always sagacious intent.

“She at the Denny’s reading books n’ shit, she own a lot of plants and likes to cook n’ shit/

Back up in the day she used to Jugg and strip, Then she lost her brother so she refocused/

She still like to smoke, just not as much you know? Most of these women I just cut n’ go…./

Iont know how to act when she next to me, but I got her in my lap, the Lord blessing me.”

I always advertise the splendid idea to stream Max Goof with a fervor, and hopefully you’ll do the same with Color Palette EP as well into the latter parts of 2020. Check out the duo’s project, streaming on multiple platforms such as Apple Music and Spotify.


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