Liberating Bangers: BALTMEGA Cleverly Fuses Musicianship and Dialogue with ‘MLK’ Baltimore Club Music EP

January, was a long and tiring month in more ways than one from the scare of another World War, the spreading of a worldwide virus, basketball legend Kobe Bryant’s untimely passing and much more. “Where do we go from here?” becomes a increasingly prominent question in these times, being conscientious of all of the nonsense in the world we view on the daily. Dr.Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday and MLK Day was celebrated as it across the nation as it usually is, but Baltimore’s BALTMEGA delivered a notable project not only timely to the holiday, but a standalone innovative Baltimore project in its own right. BALTMEGA released ‘MLK’ EP last month with a sonic precision and messages that make it a gratifying listen through this Black History month.

“Believe in Yourself” is not only a fantastic opening but the strongest track on the project. Baltimore had powerful eras of club music, especially in the 2000s. We cannot forget about the legends KSwift, Miss Tony, Porkchop and so many more.

Given the proper exposure and more years at the top of conversation that matches the quality of his music, it is not far-fetched to say that BALTMEGA

“Coming to Get Out Check” was also a sagaciously crafted track–sample, title, and all–because it highlighted an important tenet of Dr.MLK Jr’s revolutionary rhetoric: While Dr.MLK Jr. promoted equality for the races in the United States, one of his latter goals before being assassinated was the financial liberation/empowerment of his people. Dr.MLK Jr., in his last years, was very serious about this topic, as the ominous sound of the composition of this track delightfully compliments this energy. It is a time capsule, interlude to the future of Black liberation as we know it today, and a bop all it one. Bravo, BALTMEGA.

It’s great to marvel at BALTMEGA’s attention to detail through just this short EP. One of the longest social media jokes since the mid 2010s is that Meek Mill looks like Dr.MLK Jr. Not only is the resemblance canny, but they both have a thing for dreams.

No disrespect to our fallen Freedom Fighting brother, but a viral commentary stated that Meek Mill has “lowkey been dreaming longer than MLK Jr.”, facetiously listing the project names of the former’s discography. “Dreams and Nightmares” plays in the style of a classic Kanye beat while BALTMEGA is able to retain his own style. As stated by his own intentions beforehand, BALTMEGA wanted to display his range more, hence this beat being short, slower and grittier than many other songs from his discography, but just as captivating.

BALTMEGA’s project is one of those revisits and multiple playlist placement worthy EPs that deserves to be rotated beyond MLK Day and Black History Month. You can follow BALTMEGA on their social medias @baltmega on Twitter and Instagram.


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