SOTBMusic: Baby Kahlo Wants Some Toxic Love

Diversity in a discography is necessary. Listeners don’t want to hear storyteller boombap 24/7. They also don’t want to hear “I’ma beat you within an inch of your life” bars all the time. A mix between styles and sounds makes projects more listenable and artists more accessible. This brings me to the newest track from Baltimore creative Baby Kahlo.

“Toxic” shows the growth Kahlo’s undergone since stepping on the scene a little over two years ago. Additionally, it’s one of the first semi-dangerously horny tracks we’ve heard from her.

(Bad) Jokes aside, “Toxic,” produced by John Tyler, is a fitting transition/evolution for the young artist. Featuring Kahlo sing-rapping over a guitar-heavy beat, we listen to her spit her game and talk her shit about someone who she’s eyed. While she and him are dangerous for each other, they can’t seem to shake the energy they give when they’re together. This track shines for me because it gives listeners another look at who Kahlo is. She’s not just the in-your-face rapper who dares haters to pop shit, nor is she just the trance-inducing scary hours woman who doesn’t do relations (shameless plug).

It’s a serious track, but shows a playful, sensual side of Kahlo for those who may not know her, musically or otherwise. Check it out and remember to support dope music in all its forms.

Speed on the Beat

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