SOTBMusic: The Weeknd Contemplates Broken Hearts After Hours

The Weeknd has always been a dope artist to me. From the time I first heard his music in 2011 to now, when he drops, I listen. His latest song, “After Hours,” takes listeners back to the Trilogy days in all their “haunted strip club music” glory–then takes them to Starboy-land.

It’s a bit jarring, but it somehow works in a way only The Weeknd can make it. The title track of his upcoming album, “Hours” features The Weeknd lamenting the loss of his relationship and what he’d do to get it back.

It’s a nice track and definitely continues his string of good music. It does feel a bit odd after the first two After Hours singles we’ve received (such as the “I don’t need a bitch, I’m what a bitch need” energy from “Heartless”). Then again, The Weeknd’s always been one of those artists who’ll wear his heart on his sleeve, have it ripped off, do some dirt, repent, and hope that things work out in the end of a possible emotional (and sometimes literal) bender.

This song is no different and gives us that “suite sound” we’ve become accustomed to from him. The song switches tones and instrumentation halfway through to morph into this upbeat blob of sadness. The silence echoes here just as much as he feels his emotions coming (out and in full force). Is it a perfect track? No. Its execution feels a bit all over the place at points. However, the duality here is one of those things that always makes me choose The Weeknd over other artists of his cloth. Check it out below and remember to support dope music in all its forms.

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