SOTBMusic: Baby Kahlo is the Queen of Swords on Debut EP

Baby Kahlo has been busy these last couple months. I, for one, am both impressed and ready for her continued growth as an artist. She continues to up the bar for her work and continues to stay on the tip of my tongue when I mention Baltimore hip-hop. Her latest work is actually her debut EP, Queen of Swords, which has cover art that takes me to a JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure-based happy place.

The project, which features the sexy “Toxic,” continues to showcase Kahlo’s range as an artist. She effortlessly switches from shit-talking to vulnerable and keeps the same energy in both arenas. Because of this versatility, Queen of Swords is a project that makes listeners want/need more of the Baltimore artist.

It’s a nice introduction to those who may’ve heard of Kahlo but never heard her music. And she knows how to carry a song past the 2:30 mark, something some younger artists struggle with these days. The lone “short” track on here, “Kodie,” is still a banger. If I didn’t know Kahlo, I’d put these all in a tracklist and play them ad nauseum. Since I do know Kahlo (who I’ve definitely got to interview before she blows up even more), I’m just here for the growth and the process. Check out the project above via Songwhip and/or Spotify and remember to support dope music in all its forms.

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