SOTBMusic: Kafar Myers isn’t Hopeless Anymore

Made-it-through-the-mud hip-hop always have a place in the genre. Twenty-year-old Kafar Myer’s latest track, “Hopeless,” personifies this feeling.

Equal parts inspirational and acknowledging of dark pasts, “Hopeless” revels in both of these emotions to deliver a solid SOTB introduction. Over a sparse piano-dictated instrumental, Myers contemplates where he’s been and where he wants his drive and his music to take him. The accompanying video, full of smoky imagery and somewhat muted colors, is a treat to the senses as well. It doesn’t oversimplify the feelings Myers has through this song, nor does it magnify them to a point where few can relate.

Check out the song below and remember to support dope music in all its forms.

Speed on the Beat

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