SOTBMusic: C.Shreve is a Full-Time Rapper

C.Shreve the Professor is stepping out of the classroom and into the booth full-time. The now-former college professor quit his day job to pursue his quest of imparting knowledge through hip-hop. Making that first step can be a scary one, as you’re leaving the stability of a traditional job to chase your dream. Even though I’m not SOTB full-time, I do understand the stresses and hardships that come with that decision. However, I support him as much as I’d support one of my friends. Why? Well, simply put, life needs more dreamers.

Shreve’s latest release as a full-time rapper is a visual for the GROWN track “Hold Me Down.”

A streetlight-lit video, “Down” perfectly reflects the desire Shreve has to learn to trust and have someone in his corner. Relationships, like music, can be fickle beasts. It’s important to know that there’ll be good and bad. If one really wants it, though, they’ve got to be ready to accept it all and fight for what they need.

Check out Shreve’s visuals below and remember to support dope music in all its forms.

As a bonus, here’s Shreve’s latest track, “Super Villains” featuring Jarv.

Speed on the Beat

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