SOTBMusic: BCB 2.1 and Songs For 2

On March 28th, I dropped a personal project that was equal parts sequel to BCB 2 and burying some of the demons that’ve haunted me over the years. As self-righteous as it may sound, BCB 2.1 had to come when it did. Why, you ask? I needed to close a few doors to continue my evolution and revolution.

One of those doors dealt with the guilt I felt since my mother passed and my, at times unhealthy, dealing with that guilt. From blaming myself for her death to blaming others for my frayed relationship with my mother before her death, I never really had time to grieve her passing onto the next life. Instead, I’ve kept myself busy as all hell over the past five-plus years. This sometimes came at the expense of my own health and sanity just to keep from feeling/taking the proper time to grieve. That busyness drove a wedge between myself and others. I was a ball of emotions prone to sometimes exploding without warning. That came to a head last summer during arguments with people and self-isolation. Therapy and properly medicating helped a lot. That said, there were still times I felt angry for no reason other than feeling like “damn, maybe I could’ve done more to save Mama Young.” My homie Shannon, as well as Raquel, told me that I needed to take the time to just be by myself and let it out.

So, I did it the best way I knew how: music.

During the recording of BCB 2.1, rebuilding myself and grieving Mama Young, I also began working on the skeleton of what shall be known as Songs For 2: The Revolution of the Modern Male. That project will revisit my original “Songs For Trilogy” close to a decade later.

For those unaware, that trilogy, recorded between 2012 and 2014, dealt with my growing up and accepting my bipolar diagnosis. It’s fitting, in some ways, that my next project will revisit those growing pains and further my revolution against what (some) people expect from a Black man in 2020.

For now, enjoy BCB 2.1 and stay tuned for more information about Songs For 2. Thanks, as always, for lending your ears to little ol’ me.

Speed on the Beat

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