SOTBMusic: The Obligatory BCB2 Post

A week into one of my best albums (and it’s not just me saying that this time around) and there’s some time to dissect where I went with Baltimore Commercial Break 2. You can hear some of the backstory behind it on the premiere episode of the Speed on the Beat in the Car Podcast. As an aside, episode two (which deals with some of my most-important relationships) should be live on Wednesday.

To sum things up, I went into BCB2 wanting to give people as much of me as possible without retreading anything. I went in wanting to highlight Baltimore artists such as Baby Kahlo, Android No. 23, and others since I loved their music and what they do for the area. I wanted to give people an album that made you feel happy and proud to be from Baltimore, even through the craziness. And regardless of what people will say, I feel that I did that.

Baltimore Commercial Break 2 is probably, even with the guest spots, my most-personal album. While talking with Android No. 23 about it after the release, we discussed how it was therapeutic for me to just lay everything out there. My flaws, my wins, my dreams and nightmares (though I know “ABCs of SOTB 2” won’t get people “hol’up wayment!” hyped like Meek), it was there. My desire to become a better father was on even larger display than it was on Papa Speed’s Boys or Son of the Beast. My desire for further unity and unification within Baltimore hip-hop was there, something that I’d never really done (even though BCB1 was supposed to have more Baltimore artists). My creative side–highlighting Baltimore sports history, tying it into my own history, creating a podcast, et cetera–was there. And BCB2 has given me a spark to contribute more to DAR projects again, which is always a good thing. All in all, it was an album that I thank God I could put out (unlike some projects in my discography–looking at you, One Year Later).

I hope that this doesn’t come off as too “I’m awesome. Pay attention to me, dammit!” However, we’ve got to pat ourselves on the back sometimes. Check out BCB2 and remember to support dope music in all its forms. More importantly, thank you to everyone who played a part in helping me put this album together, past and present. I never would’ve made it without you.

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