SOTBMusic: Samson Discusses the Ways that Love Hertz

Samson is a multi-talented artist based out of Los Angeles. I found his latest album through a short email from Benny Universe. Benny always links me with some great songs and this collection is no different. Love Hz (or “Love Hertz”) is a 25-track album that delves deep into the emotional well. It’s a hefty listen, as many albums that reach that 20+ song area are. That said, it was a listen that helped me understand more about who Samson is as a person. This project made me feel as if I knew this man as a close friend, even though I literally just met him (through his music).

It also helps that the production is varied, going from Post Malone-esque guitar rap to synthy melodic instrumentation.

Most of the album is tuned to the solfeggio scale, a scale that is thought to bring about positive change in its listeners. Dating back to ancient times, this scale has been used in numerous chants and sacred music. How this relates to the themes Samson discusses in Love Hz, to me, is simple. This is only my opinion, but I believe Samson is navigating through the world, healing himself one melody, one song, one thought at a time. While doing this, he seems to keep that same energy for and give that same energy to his listeners.

If you’re in the need of musical therapy, check out Samson’s Love Hz and remember to support dope music in all its forms.

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