SOTBMusic: Goodness Godson Discusses How Everything is Selfish on New Project

We often hear the phrase “jack-of-all-trades, master of none.” That adage doesn’t apply to Baltimore musician Goodness Godson.

Combining indie pop with trap, R&B and experimental vibes, the self-taught artist has crafted a sound that’s unlike a good chunk of what comes out my hometown. His latest project, Everything is Selfish, is ambitious. It sounds like if Juice WRLD made 808s and Heartbreak while working with Android No. 23 and focusing on components of the Seven Deadly Sins and self-preservation.

The beauty of the seven-track project isn’t (just) the mix of genres, though it certainly will help listeners stay enthralled with Selfish. Listeners get trippy R&B and processed, layered vocals while getting a bit of pop rock as well. It’s quite the sight to behold and the spectacle to hear. However, the beauty is more derived from the brashness and honesty Goodness Godson gives throughout Everything is Selfish. We get a man who’s aware of his flaws and his sins–and those of the people he interacts with. He knows that he could be headed to disaster and near-certain doom but embraces this with a twisted smile and a “come at me” mentality.

As diverse as the project is, the Baltimore in Goodness Godson comes out at all times. There’s a certain “do or die” energy within the songs, from the wailing “Jiavana” to the closer “No Holding Back.” He’s creating a force that won’t easily be shut down and can’t be ignored. My ears are better for hearing it. I’d like to think others’ ears will be as well, especially if they’re looking for genre-bending music that still feels distinctly Baltimorean.

Check out the project via the link or Bandcamp and remember to support dope music in all its forms–especially in these crazy times.

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