SOTBMusic: BLK LEXX Hits Listeners in the Mouth with Sharpshooter

Baltimore rapper BLK LEXX humbly hit my line this afternoon with one of the hardest tracks I’ve heard this year so far. That’s saying a lot because this month has been bonkers with new music. There’s something about this track, though, that had me captivated by it from the jump.

The Tromac Pineapple-produced “Sharpshooter” puts the rhymesayer in the role of a rapping-ass-rapper version of Bret Hart. From the RTJ-esque production to LEXX not even letting the beat get a second to recover from his assault, this is definitely a crazy track. Lyrics fly out of BLK LEXX’s mouth with no regard for bystanders, fellow artists, or those who don’t understand his vision. He’s aiming wildly at everyone–and hitting with amazing accuracy. This is the type of music I live for, catchy but lyrical.

Everything has its place within SOTBMusic. Hell, I don’t always do lyrical AF music myself. That said, there’s always just something about a rapper eating a beat that gets me ready to plug in and rap my own ass off. Check it out below and remember to support dope music in all its forms.

Speed on the Beat

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