SOTBMusic: Bito Sureiya Gets the Eff Off on Ororo Munroe

Few songs have me hit the replay button these days. When I rewind a track even once, I know that it touched me. Enter Bito Sureiya of TheNASA8. Now, it’d be easy to just say “this shit hard AF” and hit you with the “support dope music in all its forms” ending tagline.

But this is and I’ve never liked easy.

The track clocks in just under three minutes, but not a second is wasted. Every punchline connects like a searing right hook. Each bar stabs you in the eardrum, forcing it open to expose you to the rest of the song’s lyricism. Bito’s flow is gruff and reminds me of some of the old-school NYC stuff I grew up on. That’s even before we get into the Groundhog Day-esque video that’s equal parts dark comedy and “WTF?” Not to give much away, but the video is a mindscrew.

“Ororo” serves as the intro to Melanin Quest 6: All The Black Characters Got Electric Powers, an EP that’ll leave you in a bar-heavy stupor, clamoring for the next collection. It’s also an EP that’ll bring the nerd out and make you realize that a good chunk of Black characters do have electric powers. For example Storm, Static Shock, elements of Black Panther, robotic-like characters such as Cyborg and Barret Wallace from the FFVII universe and others meet this somewhat strange criteria. This is the type of music you’ll want to bop your head to while running up on someone. It’s gritty, but still tongue-in-cheek at points, giving us a good look into what makes Bito Sureiya a multifaceted force and TheNASA8 a cavalcade of awesome.

Oh, and yeah, it’s hard AF, so support dope music in all its forms. In 2020, the music game is far more than just what you’ll find on the top Spotify playlists. There literally is something for every mood and every person.

Speed on the Beat

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