Presenting the Under My Wings SOTB Remix

I’ll keep this short…enough.

While I retired from recording on the release date of Songs For… 2, there are still Speed on the Beat verses that are just seeing the light of day/will continue to see the light of day (quarantine brings creativity, as you all know). With that in mind, I dropped the SOTB Remix of “Under My Wings” today. Originally recorded after I finished Songs For… 2, I forgot to give Pegs the file until the date Vol. 2 was uploaded onto Distrokid. That’s my fault, since May was a helluva month for me. Because of that, I’m giving it away fo’ free with hopes it’ll also get more eyes on DAR Elite, Vol. 2 (which is out now on all DSPs).

True and Pegs start off the track in stellar form. Meanwhile, Shxggy and I close out with a message of unity and revitalization. I think it fits that this version features two retired/semi-retired elder statesmen in myself and True along with Pegs (who never stops working) and Shxggy, a Baltimore artist who represents part of the new era of DAR.

DAR Elite, Vol. 2 was a project we all put a great deal of effort into. Expanding our vocal and lyrical ranges, each artist stepped up to discuss a variety of topics. It’s revolutionary music in some ways, but it’s also full of songs that’ll make you bop your head along to the melodies. Overall, it’s probably one of the most-cohesive DAR projects we’ve dropped (and that’s saying a lot), since everyone has ample mic time and everyone brought their A-game on every song. As always, I thank the team for letting my lo-fi-loving ass speak my mind without restraint and I hope you all enjoy the SOTB Remix of “Under My Wings” as well as DAR Elite, Vol. 2 (below via Spotify).

Speed on the Beat

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