Scotty Banx Doesn’t Miss on ‘I Missed Me Too’

Baltimore’s Scotty Banx has quickly become an artist I check out when he drops. His latest project, I Missed Me Too, is a five-track EP that features lines like “my nuts hang like Saddam Hussein [because I’m a bad motherfucker],” “[I was] down bad, on my ass [and] niggas clowned me” and “I’m a block away from Heaven/Will I make it? I’m not sure.” Those lines should give you an idea of how you should approach this one. Approach with an open mind and ready for punchlines and heavy lyrics and you’re good. Approach it expecting a journey through melodies and a coming of age of sorts and you’re also good.

Missed Me is full of melodic headnodders and loverman energies, with one after the other. This provides a sense of two sides of the same coin, as he’s vulnerable for the ladies and “fuck the world” for the dudes trying to test him. He wants to ball on the opposition and be there for those who support him. Some may say those are simple goals, but simple is good when executed as precise as Banx does here. Banx’s raspy Auto-Tuned baritone rattles through the speakers as bass-heavy beats provide backing.

My favorite track off the project would have to be “Ball,” the closing track. Featuring guitar-esque synths twinkling in the back of a heavy drum pattern, we see Banx come into his own even more here. He wants, rather demands your attention and you can’t help but to give it to him. He’ll be missed no more because he’s here now to make waves. And you can bank on that. Bad puns aside, check out I Missed Me Too below and remember to support dope music in all its forms.

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