Deezie Brown and EC Mayne Take Listeners to the “South End” on Collaborative Project

Deezie Brown and fellow Texan EC Mayne recently collaborated on Candy Blue Like Screw, a nine-track love letter to the Texas legend’s music and his influence on Southern hip-hop. I recently had the chance to check out the album, specifically its single “South End.” It’s clean as hell and had me bobbing my head along with it.

Where the track shines, though, is its storytelling.

Deezie and EC Mayne give listeners–and the uninitiated–a view into what it means to be Southern. They’re both great with their imagery, so you’re transported to Texas, especially Bastrop (where Mayne is from). Also present in the project is a familial tie to Screw; EC Mayne is DJ Screw’s cousin. So you know he had to do this one justice aside from just being from the South.

The press release for this album said I should read if I like OutKast, K.R.I.T. and UGK. Those are three of my favorite acts–K.R.I.T. especially–so I automatically heard where the PR was coming from right off the bat. The chemistry between Brown and Mayne is on full display. It’s Texas as can be, but utilizes those vintage Texan hip-hop energies to create something new. Check out “South End”–and its parent project–and remember to support dope music in all its forms.

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