The Lox and DMX Take Me Back to My Youth

The Lox and DMX teaming up on a track calling out the world and its BS? And it goes harder than most tracks? Surely, I must be back in my younger days. I’m about to walk into Roland Park Middle tomorrow, dap up the few friends I have and turn up the Walkman/radio combo Mama Young repossessed from some smart-mouthed little ass.


Nope, I’m bald, in my 30s and have kids of my own who won’t experience in-person learning again until at least February 2021. Continuing with the shock-to-the-system that is 2020, The Lox and DMX have a new song out, “Bout Shit,” from a new Lox album. I’m not surprised about that or how good the song is. The track goes in (as expected) and is lyrically sound. However, the song sounds right at home in 2020 (somewhat unexpected). Yes, it’s New York as hell down to the gritty vocal sample looped over boombap-esque drums. But it still sounds fresh and new, even as the people on the track have over a century of collective rap experience.

DMX’s verse was the one that got me the most hyped (y’all know I’m a big DMX fan, so hearing him always gets me ready to hit folks and hustle hard). But The Lox? Their shit sounded right for these wild-ass times. Check out the song above via Audiomack and remember to support dope music in all its forms.

Speed on the Beat

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