Eva Rhymes Wants to Burn the World Down and Rebuild

Eva Rhymes’ latest track, July’s “BURN,” is as revolutionary as you’d expect from the Baltimore rhymesayer. It helps that it’s also lyrical and impactful.

Speaking on the travesties that’ve taken hold of our world–from COVID to Trump to racism–Rhymes suggest we just throw the whole thing away, burn it down and rebuild anew. Coupled with images of BLM protests, COVID protests, death and destruction, the video is one that hammers the point that we’re royally screwed if we continue down the path we’re on. While we adjust to new normals, some old tropes and ideas should be eradicated. It’s not a new concept, but one that does need to be evaluated and looked at in 2020, 2021. The world is becoming, mentally, unlivable. Between people dealing with murders based on the color of their skin, isolation because of quarantining and an election that seems more about the lesser of two evils, it’s taxing to be a citizen of the world.

While I don’t entirely agree that the world is past the point of salvage, I get the sentiment and respect it. Check out the video below and remember to support dope music in all its forms. Also, arrest the cops who killed Breonna Taylor.

Speed on the Beat

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