Score|Swayze Presents LOVE! A Double Feature

If nothing else, Score|Swayze is ambitious as hell. Jumping between music to podcasting to talk show host, Swayze’s next move is always his best move. Between appearing on others’ works (mine included) to his own projects, he leaves nothing to chance and gives listeners what he desires and sees as his truth. Thankfully, for me and other listeners, he’s also an incredible talent; that ambition I mentioned doesn’t go to waste. His latest project, LOVE! A Double Feature (comprised of the readily-available Act 1 and a bonus/secret project, #PBS) continues what we’ve come to expect from the Baltimore artist. From his bars being nuanced and multilayered to his beat selection, we get gold throughout the collection.

A sequel of sorts to his 2016 project, LOVE! A Documentary, Double Feature shows Swayze at his best. He’s focused in and on the attack against the wackness. In speaking to him about this project, I referred to it as a mix between nerdy production (tracks feature anime, wrestling and gaming samples), Curren$y bars of decadence and Baltimore lingo and references. It’s what long-time listeners expect from him, but fine-tuned to the point he’s reaching an apex. All in all, it’s great music that’s easily accessible but it takes more than a glance to fully appreciate what he’s putting down.

It’s kind of, in nerdy terms, the P5R of Score|Swayze’s music. It refines everything we love about him and gives us enough newness that it’s unlike anything we’ve heard from him. Even when things feel familiar, there are enough tweaks in his musical evolution that it’s a new experience for anyone listening. Check out Act 1 below, be sure to purchase the album to hear the whole thing–including #PBS–and remember to support dope music in all its forms.

Speed on the Beat

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