Score|Swayze Presents BNS

Regardless of anything else, Score|Swayze knows how to start an album off. The five-track project #BNS starts off with “A New Song With Die$el Mac! :D,” an eclectically-named song that had me dancing in my “office” chair. It’s funky, electric, and lyrically impressive.

Through all this, Swayze outlined why he’s unlike most artists, and not just in a “I’ve got bars” sort of way.

Harmonizing while simultaneously ripping the beat, the City College alum’s sound washes over you while smacking you in the face with abrasiveness. I’ve covered “Pretty Boy Blanka” before and have vibed out to “I Love Project Pat” more times than I can count. Both tracks are outstanding, especially the fact that he switches between French and English while still keeping the Project Pat flow and throwing in nerdy references. It’s a wild combination that works so well.

The track that grabbed me was “Shelf,” as its brutal honesty about hiding emotions is something that speaks to just about everyone at some point. We have a lot of things we wish to share, but we have these images of self we want to preserve. More often than not, we hide our truths behind a mask. The fact Swayze admits this in such a way is another reason why I’ll rock with this one for longer than just the time it took for me to review it.

Check out the project’s “Director’s Cut” via Bandcamp below and remember to support dope music in all its forms.

Speed on the Beat

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