John Wells Talks ‘Silk and Money’

John Wells has been one of many bright spots from the Baltimore scene. Since Luckee Jordan, he’s been on a run that’s been impeccable. To both celebrate his come-up and just pray for some peace, he returns with a new EP, Silk and Money. Featuring K dot Wood$ (who’s definitely more than “the guy who whooped Speed’s ass in Smash Bros,” for those who are unfamiliar with his work), Al Rogers Jr. and Zadia, the seven-track EP features Wells rapping his ass off as he’s done for this whole year.

He also comes to terms with this newfound success and buzz, realizing that there’re two sides to it.

On one hand, he sees it as a great thing since he may be able to make a career out of music. On the other, it seems he likes the peace and quiet of being a somewhat-unknown artist. This juxtaposition plays out over Silk in a surprising way. There’s no clearcut answer, as such is life. Instead, Wells gives us just his thoughts on the whole thing and says “we’ll see where we go.” And wherever we go, I know one thing: it’ll be a road I’ll be riding along with Wells, as seemingly is the case with all who come across the Baltimore native.

Check out Silk and Money above and remember to support dope music in all its forms.


The new project from John Wells deals with the sudden rush of attention the rhymesayer has gotten since Luckee Jordan.

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