J-Pegs the Legend Says TGFD

Thank God for Drugs, the latest project from DAR Elite member J-Pegs the Legend, comes in at a whopping 25 tracks. One thing you can’t ever say about Pegs is that he’s not hungry. There hasn’t been a period of time over the last year-plus that hasn’t had a Pegs project in some way, shape or form. Does he hit audience fatigue here or does he continue to carve out a path for himself as an artist?

Speaking as objectively as I can, the project is pretty interesting. There’s no one set sound on TGFD, as Pegs raps over different stylings, from bass-heavy beats such as “Birds on Tinder Watch The Office” to Rick Ross-esque productions on song such as “Set It on Fire.” Is it Pegs’ best project of the year? I’d have to give that honor to Marathon Man. That project was, for me, the pinnacle of who Pegs is as an artist.

It does, however, have some anthemic tracks sprinkled throughout the 25 songs. “Joker Smile,” featuring Blxck Shxggy, is a standout in that regard, though Pegs takes the backseat and delivers a heavy chorus. It’s, overall, a trippy ride through the mind of a rapper who’s both ready to do what he needs to be heard and ready to relax and zone out to escape the struggles of everyday life. The paradox between the trippy and the bars spitter is not lost on me, as it creates a cohesive look into who Pegs is.

If drugs made Pegs this hungry, let’s hope he doesn’t overdose in any way and keeps delivering. Check out the project below and remember to support dope music in all its forms.


J-Pegs the Legend’s latest is a trippy ride that shows the paradox between the trippy and the lyrical.

Speed on the Beat

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