Two Weeks Until Caviar Dreams

Today is a beautiful day. It’s a Friday, we’re getting closer to the Holiday Season and something else. We’re also two weeks out from my collaborative album with Benji Armstrong (who gets co-executive producer, producer, and music credits for this one). Caviar Dreams is probably the hardest I worked on an album outside getting everything to align on BCB 2. It is, however, the first I had someone else reorder and sequence for me (released as the Deluxe Edition). Continuing that whole “works well with others” vibe I started last year, CD is an ambitious album as it hopes to combine Victory Lap lessons with SOTB deliveries and viewpoints.

I wanted to make an album that was unlike anything people heard from me, but was also still a familiar tone/experience. I think that I was able to do that only with Benji’s help. The brother is talented and has an ear for production and sequencing that made me take notice from the jump. But working with him? It was an experience I wouldn’t trade for anything. Hell, I’ve recommended him to several of my fellow artist friends, swearing by his talent and ability. The dude is dope.

If you haven’t heard the album’s singles, “Caviar Dreams,” “Baka Ga Kirai” and “The Power,” today is a good day to get familiar. The album’s Deluxe Edition (read: the version sequenced by Benji) is now available to pre-order on iTunes as well as Amazon for those who love Alexa to turn their music high. A pre-order on Bandcamp will drop next week in time for the (proclaimed) beginning of the Holiday (Shopping) Season. Thank you all for your continued support and listening.


Two weeks until my first collaborative effort with Benji Armstrong goes live. For the complete experience, listen to the version Benji sequenced. For a shorter version, there’s also the edition I sequenced.

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