BethBanger’s ‘B.E.S.T. Christmas Ever’ is a Banger

Pun completely intended, since this one is good.

Now I’m the type who loves the traditional Christmas tracks. It’s one of the ways I still connect with my mom, even though she’s physically not here anymore. Give me The Jackson 5 singing “Frosty the Snowman” over the Death Row Christmas album any day of the week.

With that said, BethBanger’s B.E.S.T. Christmas Ever: BethBanger EP had me nodding my head. That’s mainly because it’s not exactly a Christmas EP per se. Part of a collection of Christmas-themed EPs from Baltimore-area artists (including SAM and Elle Cook), Beth’s portion is modeled around the holidays, but it’s still her in her element.

I mean, hearing someone rap “I’m only creeping ’cause I’m Santa Claus, bitch” makes me chuckle but also take notice. Beth’s always been the type to be abrasive and still rap her ass off at the same time. She’s also been one to balance the sexy and the abrasiveness, as seen in the Elle Cook-aided “Sexy XXXmas.” Overall, it’s one of those EPs that is a gift in of itself. It didn’t have to come when it did, but like getting love on Christmas Day, I’m thankful for it. Check it out above and remember to support dope music in all its forms.


BethBanger and friends give us Christmas music with a Baltimore twist.

Speed on the Beat

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