Carter Marie’s Got Another One with November

Through the confusion that is 2020, Carter Marie’s been consistent with her monthly EPs. Each one was different than the last, one offering up bits and pieces of who she was as a person and artist. You can’t really ask for much more from an artist when they give you their soul. I’m late on this one, but things have been chaotic in my life these last few months.

Marie’s November EP continues the trend, but peels back the curtain even more. A versatile songwriter, her pen game is always on point. November is no different, as Carter gives us a variety of emotions and views on those feelings. Nothing is black and white.

On tracks like “Thank God” and “My Regards,” we get to hear a woman who’s seen her share of wacky men along the way and how they’ve shaped her search for love. We also hear a woman who can look back on those experiences and, well, thank God that she didn’t go further with them. There isn’t a “fuck that nigga, he ain’t shit anyways” mentality throughout those last two songs, though. It’s actually more bittersweet.

We do get Carter showing us her joy for not going further. However, there’s also a bit of mourning over what could’ve been had the cards lined up in her and her former partner’s favor. The way she delivers each line of those two songs, you get placed in her shoes, seeing the relationships fall apart. It’s that maturity that sets Carter Marie apart from some of her peers. We got some of the braggy R&B in her other EPs, but here? It’s less about the brag or the negatives of her exes and more about the aftermath of a breakup and how it shapes you as a person.

Featuring new collaborators, November is a fitting EP for the end of the year. In fact, the songs’ subjects are kind of like 2020–there’s hope in the darkness, even though the darkness and negatives sometimes outweigh the successes. Check it out above and remember to support dope music in all its forms.


November is a fitting EP for the end of the year, featuring Carter Marie at her best.

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